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Lissmac Unicut 300

Lissmac Unicut 300

Powerful water-cooled four-cylinder turbo diesel engine with cooled external exhaust gas recirculation and integrated  diesel oxidation catalytic converter.

Through its hydraulic steering and compact design the UnICUT 300 is very versatile and has a very small turning radius and can almost turn in place.

High conversion speed; Fully hydraulic and fully electric controlled

Drive and saw blade speed is infinitely variable electronically controlled – optimum cutting speed of the saw blade

Diagonal cuts to the inside and outside possible up to 15 degrees

Slide boxes, can be offset 150 mm to the left and right

User friendly design – the control panel can be swiveled to the desired operating position

The step on board attachement system (optional) can be individually positioned as with the control panel

The ride on seat attachement system (optional) can be individually positioned as with the control panel

Optimum weight distribution – low centre of gravity

Generously dimensioned fuel tank reduces work interruptions

Fast conversion from left to right cut -rotates 180 degrees

Combination cooler for hydraulics and motor; Large, non-marking drive wheels

Height of saw blade protective hood can be infinitely variable  adjusted hydraulically, independent of the saw motor

Saw blade flange spraying with no sealing element for dry cut

The machine covers or service doors are used, on the one hand, to protect the components during wet cleaning and, on the other hand, ensure a very good access for service work

Tekniska data: Lissmac Unicut 300
Sågdjup 410/510 mm
Sågdjup inställning Hydraulisk motor; steglös reglering
Sågblad diameter max. 1000/1200 mm
Sågbladhållare 35 mm (6 x M12 - TK 120 mm)
Skärutrustning fram steglös hydrostatisk 0-60 m/min
Skärutrustning revers steglös hydrostatisk 0-25 m/min
Motor Kubota 4-cylinder turbo diesel EU IIIA oder EU IIIB
Kylning Vattenkyld
Motoreffekt 55,4 kW / 75 hp
Tankkapacitet 73 l
Sågbladenhet Hydraulisk motor, steglös reglering 90 ccm
Sågblad hästighet 750/1800 rpm
Dimensioner (L/W/H) 2780/ 890/1640 mm
Styrning Hydraulisk
Vikt 1600 kg
Vänster/högersnitt Ja

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