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Lissmac Multicut 800

Lissmac Multicut 800

Torsion resistant frame construction with a low centre of gravity

Long wheelbase for high lateral stability

The smooth stub axle steering system enables cut corrections without physical strain and quick and easy set-up or moving of the floor cutter

Cut corrections also require hardly any physical force

Smooth-running, water-cooled Kubota 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine

Large V-belt drive

Simple replacement of the V-belt due to quick removal of the saw blade shaft

The large-scale saw blade shaft bearings with special sealing guarantees a long service life

The air intake is on the operator's side, which means only clean cool fresh air is taken in.

Sensitive feed thanks to hydrostat and low-maintenance gear (chainless

Feed lever with one-hand operation, which can be changed for left and right cut

Electrohydraulic saw blade raising and lowering

Tekniska data: Multicut 800 G
Multicut 800 GH                       
Sågdjup 315 mm (515 mm) 165 mm (515 mm)
Sågdjup inställning Elektro-hydraulisk/steglös Elektro-hydraulisk/steglös
Sågblad diameter max. 800 mm (1200 mm) 500 mm (1200 mm)
Sågbladhållare 25.4 mm + 35mm, 6-hole flange 35 mm + 6-hole flange
Skärutrustning fram steglös hydrostatisk 0-60 m/min steglös hydrostatisk 0-60 m/min
Skärutrustning revers steglös hydrostatisk 0-25 m/min steglös hydrostatisk 0-25 m/min
Motor Kubota 4-cyl. turbo diesel Kubota 4-cyl. turbo diesel
Kylning Vattenkyld Vattenkyld
Motoreffekt 44 kW/60 hp 44 kW/60 hp
Sågblad hästighet 1550/970 rpm 2500 / 1550 rpm
Sågblad hästighet (optional) 2550/1550 rpm 1550 / 970 rpm
Sågblad transmission V-belts V-belts
Dimensioner (L/W/H) 1680/1050/1360 mm 2170/1650/1600 mm
Vikt 935 kg 1070 kg

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