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Stensåg DTS 1000 H

Stensåg DTS 1000 H
Mer information: DTS700/1000 Datablad

Stensåg Lissmac DTS 1000 H
• Low-maintenance construction fit for the building site
• Excellent stable value and operational reliability
• Easy to service and maintain due to modular design
• Exacting table layout for precision stone cutting
• Fixed, distortion-free three point stability
• Stable and resilient frame
• Galvanised sawing table with imprinted scale
• Table guidance profile and rollers made of durable, high-strength steel
• Low equipment costs due to precise table guidance
• Perfect saw blade cooling and immediate removal of sawing debris with the LISSMAC water feed system
• Easy to use and operate due to flexible loading and control elements in front
• Easy removal of the water pump (e.g. for cleaning or to avoid freezing)
• Water bath removable from the rear
• Saw head is easily positioned for safe transport
• Ease of manhandling with the front swivel roller, forklift pick-up points and lifting eyes.
• Including LISSMAC diamond cut-off disc for bricks/lime stone (Ø 900)
• Saw blade drive via a high performance chain in a totally enclosed low maintenance gearbox – no V-belts – no wear

    Optionally available: DTS-1000 V: Hand crank drive for uniform saw feed; DTS-700: Hand protecting pusher bar for safe, straight cut guidance; DTS-700, DTS-1000: Heating rod for protection from freezing in winter, Side laying with degree divisions, Special saw blades for various types of stone


Tekniska data: Stensåg DTS 1000 H Stensåg DTS 1000 V                   
Max sågdjup 370 mm (420 mm) 370 mm (420mm)
Max såglängd 660 mm 660 mm
Sågblad diameter 900 mm (1000 mm) 900 mm (1000 mm)
Sågbladhållare 60 mm (Pin 11,5 / TK 120 mm) 60 mm (Pin 11,5 / TK 120mm)
Motoreffekt 7.5 kW/400 V 7.5 kW/400 V
Energiförbrukning 15.1 A 15.1 A
Proctection class IP 54 IP 54
Sågbladhastighet 910 rpm 910 rpm
Bredd bordet 745 mm 745 mm
Dimensioner (L/W/H) 1800/1050/1500 mm 2000/1050/1500 mm
Vikt 352 kg 375 kg
Matning manual/using crank manual/using crank

Artnr: Benämning: Lager: Pris: Antal:
DTS-1000 H Lissmac DTS 1000 H I lager 43 600,00/st


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