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Stensåg DTS 420

Stensåg DTS 420
Mer information: DTS 420 Datablad

Stensåg Lissmac DTS 400
The central location of the controls allows the operator to process the material to be cut from one working position

The protective cover integrated into the saw hood is lowered with the saw blade thus providing optimum protection from injury when sawing

Powerful saw blade drive via high-performance chain in a totally closed and low-maintenance gearbox

No time consuming retightening of the V-belts

The material to be cut can be precisely positioned by using the view window; The saw head‘s own weight supports the vertical sawing motion

Notched cuts are easily and quickly executed without time-consuming adjustments (e.g. height adjustments of the saw head, for example)

Level elements can be worked without having to tilt them; Saw head is easily positioned for safe transport

DTS-420 N and -PE/N including LISSMAC diamond cut-off disc (Ø 900 mm) for bricks/lime stone

Optionally available: Heating rod for protection from freezing in winter; Front additional table for larger

Tekniska data: Stensåg DTS 420                    
Min sågdjup 370 mm  
Max sågdjup 420 mm  
Max såglängd 570 mm  
Min sågklinga diam 350 mm  
Max sågklinga diam 1000 mm  
Centrumhål 60 mm  
Motoreffekt 7,5 kW/400 V  
Gering av klinga 45 grader  
Sågbladshastighet 910 l / min  
Vikt 364 Kg  

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Artnr: Benämning: Lager: Pris: Antal:
DTS-420 Lissmac DTS 420 I lager 67 800,00/st


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